Scale expert

ScaleExpert – a flexible weighing management program that can significantly shorten weighing operations and help to avoid mistakes. The software can be adapted to individual needs of every client. ScaleExpert enables our customers to maximize benefit of their vehicle scales and accelerate return on investment.



Every Enterprise has well-established weighing algorithm based on business logic, location of weighbridges, production processes and other factors. However your business may need to expand one day. ScaleExpert could be flexibly adapted to your current and future business needs.

Flexible user interface. ScaleExpert provides friendly user interface to fit operator’s experience. Simplified user interface with intuitive icons helps to accomplish tasks for the beginner without need for special computer training. For the Enterprises with intensive and diverse weighing needs, the experienced operator could choose “professional” user interface to operate number of weighbridges simultaneously without errors.

ScaleExpert – multiuser, network program. We have developed the ScaleExpert with an idea to make the expansion of your business operations easy. Need to add more weighbridges or more operator workplaces? You can add more ScaleExpert users and all of them will use a single database with weighing records. With ScaleExpert you can set different user access rules and passwords. The operators will be set free from reentering the same data, all records of weighing will be ready for your further needs.

ScaleExpert – Automatic driver, vehicle, cargo identification. ScaleExpert enables a usage of RFID or barcode cards to store and quickly recall driver’s, vehicle’s and/or cargo related information. All these could significantly reduce amount of data needed to enter by the operator and almost eliminates man errors. ScaleExpert enables clients to arrange weighbridge to be operated by truck driver himself. The system will guide him smoothly through the weighing process.

ScaleExpert Number Recognition. If your Enterprise have to manage running outbound or inbound traffic, ScaleExpert collects images from digital camera, converts them into vehicle’s identification data and stores it at weighing records database together with a picture of the vehicle with cargo for future reference.

ScaleExpert Traffic Control. If you need to ensure certain vehicle’s weighing route in your production process (e.g. the first weighbridge weights tare, the second weights truck with cargo, etc.), ScaleExpert could automatically operate traffic lights, barriers and other access control devices. E.g. ScaleExpert Traffic Control could be set-up to open gates just after weighing record was made.

ScaleExpert software provides as a standard 5 ready-made reports. A format of the reports could be adjusted to your needs simply like with a word processor. It is possible to prepare the additional reports for customer’s special needs using standard reporting tools. ScaleExpert could provide collected weighing data records for your other business programs. Customers could also export data records from the program into various data formats (XML, TXT, CSV ir DBF). ScaleExpert enables you to operate just a single scales program will prepare weighing tickets and other cargo documents and will control operators work.

Scale expert cloud


Data security. All informaton is stored in an online server so the data will not be lost in case of a technical failure, fire emergency or hardware theft.

Convenience. All weighing data and reports are available 24/7 and can be accessed from any device with internet connection.

Centralized management of weighing spots across all country and abroad. Scale Expert Cloud enables easy management of different weighing spots in distant locations.

Effortless integration of additional weighing spots. Regardless of the quantity of weighing spots, additional spots can be simply added to the system.

Direct link with other systems. Scale Expert Cloud can be linked with other company’s programs ( e.g. accounting, stock management, etc.) or various institutional systems.

Adjustable user rights and interface. The program allows to create different levels of user accessibility to make sure that important amendments in the system are made only by qualified personnel or executives.

Automatic updates. All system updates and upgrades are made online via internet connection.

User-friendly data management. Weighing data including customers, vehicles, drivers and other information can be simply filtered and exported in MS Excel format.

Yard management

Yard Management is a perfect tool for inbounding, outbounding or internal transport management to keep track on all vehicle movements, locations and their status. The system allows you to get reports of all important data about drivers, trucks, weight, loaded or unloaded goods, invoices and much more.


  • Each vehicle passing through territory is assigned with the unique identification number
  • Vehicle weight control according to predefined tolerances (documented weight vs. actual weight)
  • Spy” function – scales data logging independently from operator
  • Tracking of the vehicle according to predefined tasks
  • Scanned documents, vehicle and security seal photos are attached to the unique cargo order
  • System users can easily view vehicle tasks, status and dedicated data according to their access level
  • Possibility to trace order and vehicle movement by invoice number or other information associated with particular order.
  • Yard Management can be expanded to multiple locations
  • Weighing/Security stations can work autonomously during temporary internet connection loss
  • System accessibility via internet (recommended browser – Google Chrome)
  • Frequently used task templates for easier work flow
  • Data filters for analysis and reporting