Self-sevice terminals

Driver self-service weighing terminals are used for weighing vehicles and goods with integrated weighing indicator. Unattended weighing is an effective strategy for increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. It introduces self-service efficiency to a vehicle-weighing operation. An unattended solution is ideal for scales in remote locations, scales that operate around the clock, and facilities with multiple scales. Drivers can identify themselves at an unattended terminal, complete weighing transactions, and receive printed tickets—all from the safety of their vehicles.

Transport weighing solutions

Score boards & RFID

Our company offers additional items such as scoreboards, RFID card readers for more convenient weighing operations. Scoreboard is a highly visible weight display for use with vehicle scales and other industrial weighing applications. It allows the weight to be seen by truck drivers and other personnel who are not near the scale indicator. RFID card reader is used for driver/vehicle identification or to retrieve preprogrammed data. The reader device is usually integrated into the driver self-service weighing terminal.

Transport weighing solutions


Number Recognition System (NRS) is a highly accurate system capable of reading the license plates of vehicles without human intervention. The system can be used for process automation to track the goods delivered by carriers trucks and other vehicles, as well as, analyze vehicle journey, loading and unloading time.

Transport weighing solutions

Positioning & security

Positioning system can be used to determine proper vehicle position on scales as well as to control other traffic management accessories such as barriers, gates or stop lights. Security cameras are often installed for better visual control of the vehicles, drivers and cargos. They are also used to assist the Number Recognition System (NRS).

Transport weighing solutions